Hostel environment along with available amenities play very important role in students overall development during his/her stay at the campus

A team of two wardens in each hostel, one Warden-in-charge and the other mess-in-charge take care of hostel related matters. Hostels are thoughtfully designed with in the campus. Separate Hostel Blocks are available for boys & girls with adequate open space and garden around them both the block have reading rooms with T.V. and mess facilities

The Management keeps strict control over hygiene and quality of food served. Adequate security arrangements have been made to ensure the student’s safety

Rooms are available with various occupancy options including 3-beded, 2-beded and single beded with attached toilets, and dormitory arrangements.

Additionally, we offer both cooling and non-cooling room options to cater to individual preferences.

In winter season students are provided heaters and hot water for bathing purpose

Furthermore, our hostel provides a separate study area for students, ensuring a conducive environment for academic pursuits.

A mess facility, laundry service, a cafeteria and general store is there meet various needs of the students. The students are required to maintain the discipline and are supported to follow the rules & Regulations. There are green gardens to play, sit and take in garden for students.

Additionally, we offer access to a large playground and gym facilities for recreational activities and fitness enthusiasts.