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Electronics & Communication
With the continuing convergence of media, electronics and communication is finding immense opportunities in industrial sectors as well as wide range applications in innovative advancements in day to day life.
It covers a wide range of applications we use daily and which make our life easier and enjoyable such as Television, Radio, Computers, and Telecommunications etc. Telecommunication electronics comprises of audio – video system, microwave system, satellite system, mobile radio system, radar system, fiber optics system, computer networking and digital and multimedia telecommunication systems. Electronics communication engineering involves work with microprocessors, fiber optics and in telecommunications, television, radio etc. The uses are endless.
Keeping in view the ongoing developments, infrastructure facilities and laboratories are continuously getting updated to help students in learning various concepts through practical experience.
This department has distinguished, dedicated and competent faculty members to impart quality education, project guidance, personality development, group discussion and self esteem enhancement of the students to enable them to be placed with a reputed organizations.
Career as EC Engineer:-
  • Electronics and communication engineering course give enormous job opportunities in electronics and software companies. Students will find opportunity of employment in the realms of telecommunication – across the value chain from the manufacture of hardware for mobile telephony, to micro satellites, satellites, fiber optics for digital communication and media.
  • There are further career options in R & D with manufacturer of such equipment and dedicated research companies and Government organizations They can work in Telecom, hardware and Networking, applications of all kinds, embedded system allied areas such as VLSI Design and fabrication and Mobile computing and software development etc with some added specialization.
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